Colleagues and Collaborations

Here’s an entry from my Psychology Today blog about Gordon Goodman’s Dissertation on stagefright in a group of elite actors. I was on Gordon’s dissertation committee.

Here’s another entry from one of my Fielding students, Judith Manassen-Ramon. This entry is called The Israeli Tachrir Square: New Media and Politics in Action

Nicole Phinney, my doctoral student and official sexy researcherHere (Left) is my media psychology doctoral student, Nicole Phinney. In a research meeting with Nicole, Lauren White, Brenda Osuna, Carlo Fabricatore and Ximena Lopez, I mentioned that my college and grad school prof., Alan Strathman, used to talk about how sexy a particular research project was. Nicole then made this cover of the fictional journal, Sexy Research Quarterly. And my colleague Dr. Ximena Lopez made her own version, Sexy SPSS. Right here you can see why I love my job.

Dr. Ximena Lopez showing her great sense of humor

This team and I are working on some research using iPhones and music video game apps like Rock Band to test whether games improve specific music skills, namely

something called audiation, which is basically the ability to play music in your mind. So, to return the favor, I loaded the iPhones with the song

“I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. Thank the Universe that I have had the pleasure of having such enjoyable colleagues over the years.

Here I am with former students Brian Brown (now at UNC-Wilmington’s Social Psych graduate program) and Michael Collins. We published a paper together in 2008 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology: Dill, Brown & Collins, 2008.


Kathryn Phillips Thill and Karen Dill. Yes, it’s funny because it rhymes! Kathryn and I have published two papers together. A study on Domestic Violence coverage in magazines: DV in American Magazines (2009) and a 2008 article in the journal Sex Roles on gender in video games: Dill & Thill.

I taught formerly at Lenoir-Rhyne University and the 2009 LRU yearbook, the HACAWA, was dedicated to me. Click on the following link for the very sweet dedication, and some very frightening old pictures of me. I can’t believe I’m posting me with the “fluffy mullet.” Enjoy: 2009 HACAWA Dedication-K. Dill Special thank you to the wonderful Kathryn Gaither,  yearbook editor.


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