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  The Karin Dilettante

My namesake in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Karin Dilettante

In April of 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV was released. My former student, Nicole Gaines, e-mailed and asked if I knew they named a character after me in the game. My first guess was that the character would be a prostitute, but thankfully it was only a Prius.

To the guys at Rockstar – I have to admit, it’s pretty funny. Um, thanks for thinking of me?

Dr. Dill on the Mike and Juliette Show in New York

Dr. Dill on the Mike and Juliette Show in New York

Here’s a commercial for the car, aptly (ahem!) named Karin Dilettante.

When I gave expert testimony before Congress in 2007, there were rap stars and media CEOs present, so it was covered rather widely by the press. When the Daily Show with Jon Stewart briefly showed me while discussing the event, my husband said it was the first time he was ever jealous of my career. Now if I can just get bitten by a rabid wildebeest or something, maybe Samantha Bee will interview me.

Here’s an interview I did with al Jazeera TV (English) in 2011: Al Jazeera Interview

Here’s an article I was quoted in from the New York Post, 2011:

Click here for a newspaper article about my ongoing Guitar Hero research with Carlo Fabricatore and Ximena Lopez of Initium Studios in Rome, Italy. We are exploring the positive effects of music video games including the development of rhythm skills, the understanding of music needed to master the game, and the potential to generate greater interest in music more generally.


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